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‘Snacks’ to carry during our Guided Walks:

Walking on a full stomach is not the best of ideas, but we all need some sustenance during the day!  For all our walks, short or long, we suggest that each walker carries a leak-proof bottle of water or juice (or a small flask of soup in very cold weather), and an apple or a pear.  A small bag of mixed nuts/seeds/fruit, or a cereal/oat/honey/nut ‘health’ bar make for excellent tasty ‘trail snacks’ that are lightweight to carry, easy to eat whilst walking, and can boost flagging energy.

Breakfast, or not?

Definitely “yes”.  It’s the most important meal of the day, and very necessary before a morning walk.  If you are visiting the area for a single walk with Wiltshire Walks, we would recommend having a light breakfast, either at home or at one of the pubs or restaurants in Marlborough that provide them.  However, if you are staying at a local Hotel or Bed & Breakfast, then beware the ‘Double Full English’ or English Buffet Breakfasts!  

Some people find that their metabolism does not start to ‘kick-in’ until mid-morning - for those we would recommend taking a double helping of trail snacks as recommended at the beginning of this Page.

Lunch and Dinner

Apart from our full-day and custom walks, we generally do not recommend or provide a lunch or dinner for our customers.  If you have booked a short morning walk with us, we would suggest having lunch in Marlborough after your walk.  If you have booked an afternoon walk with us, then have a light lunch at home or in Marlborough before your walk.  After your walk you can relax and take a look around Marlborough, or perhaps book one of our Marlborough Tours with us, before having an evening meal in the town.

For those that are taking two walks on the same day with us, we suggest taking a very light snack for lunch, or alternatively we can supply a variety of sandwiches or snacks provided by one of Marlborough's excellent caterers.  We can supply a fixed price lunch and/or dinner at a local pub or restaurant for group full day walks in Marlborough and some villages.

Pub & Restaurants

Those who are staying at a Hotel or B&B in Marlborough or one of the villages will find a large number of pubs and restaurants, with menus suiting a variety tastes - click here for our Pubs & Restaurants Guide.

Food for thought: