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Corporate Walks & Team Building Events

Would you like us to organise a outdoor activity team building event for your company, or would you and your staff simply enjoy a Guided Walk tailored exactly to your needs?

Whatever your choice, Wiltshire Walks is a local company specialising in walking activities around the Villages, Woods, and Downs of North-East Wiltshire.  It’s well documented that walking not only improves our health and fitness, but gives us that feel-good factor.  Your staff, on becoming physically active, will be half as likely to suffer heart disease, which also controls weight, reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels (British Heart Foundation).  Walking with others can turn mild exercise into an enjoyable social occasion.

Our Guided Walks offer you and your staff and opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside and learn more about the local area, which lies within the North Wessex Downs - designated as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

An outdoor team-building event allows activities away from the distractions of the work environment, and can offer innovative networking opportunities for your staff in an informal atmosphere. Unlike traditional team building events, ours are not about instilling competitiveness; instead they involve co-operation, observation and lateral thinking - all skills that are valuable in the workplace.  We cannot explain too much without giving the game away, but take a look at the photos to the left to give you an idea…….

We can plan a Guided Walk and tailor it to fit your exact business requirements, including weekend and evening walks.  Our Team Building events will concentrate your staff’s minds, allowing them to spot the unusual and abnormal, and utilising any specialist knowledge each individual has acquired.

We look forward to hearing from you in the future.  Please use our Enquiries Page, or e-mail Jill at, and don’t forget to checkout our Facebook Page: 

Which way is north?

Dowsing at

The Sanctuary

Where is

the gnomon?

How long is this?

And how many bricks?